Delightful…Dylanesque…McManus is a wordsmith…sweet delivery and ability to craft memorable language that sticks in your mind.”

Jeff Monk, Winnipeg Free Press

stunning new of the most uncompromisingly addictive releases I have heard in a very long time”

Music Existence

This is clearly a band on the rise ”

Jim Hynes, Music Critic

The perfect album for a road trip… the tracks all bear repeated listening.”

Alan Fitter, AmericanaUK

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Just finished a new music video for Your Skin On My Skin from the White Owl Red album Naked and Falling. 

Instant Cult Classic?  You decide...



Working Class Heroes - the new pro-democracy, pro-worker dynamic hit single - from the upcoming White Owl Red album Afterglow, out early 2020. 

Dedicated to the working class heroes around the world who who take grass roots democracy to the streets and stand up for Peace, Love and Dignity! 

Working Class Heroes, out now!

New single from upcoming White Owl Red LP, 

'Afterglow' release in early 2020!


What the Critics are saying about Working Class Heroes:

“one of the most intimate and unforced indie performances of the season…another slam dunk in this latest studio cut…rank this as among the more important independent releases to make headlines all year long”

-Indie Source Magazine


provocative lyrical commentary…polarizing and unifying in narrative…crossover appeal…“Working Class Heroes” is a compelling song that demands a reaction out of its audience for better or worse, and in today’s plasticized music business, this makes it quite the rare find indeed.

-Music Existance


“rolling resonant guitars thrumming with roots energy reminiscent of the powerful songs of Dylan and Woody Guthrie”

-Rawkus Magazine


“innovatively expresses what it means to be authentic in modern society in an honest, gritty, poignant and vulnerable way, during an unforgettable musical journey…driven by a blissful infusion of indie folk and roots-Americana…equally intelligent and hopeful…deeply felt social and political awareness”

-Shock-Ya! Magazine


“writes from the heart…the way the instrumentals are layered in the track is masterful… fun instrumental surprises that seem to evolve as the track goes on, Working Class Heroes is a great track ”

-Review Fix Magazine


“The lyrics of “Working Class Heroes” speak of the pride and determination of those men and women trying to work around those challenges to try and make a living for themselves. The music to the track itself blends together Folk music and some Rock and Roll influence to create a track that contains a driving feel to the music while still being laidback…brings to mind a combination of Bob Dylan-like lyrics with music inspired by the likes of John Mellencamp or Bruce Springsteen”

-Matheson’s Entertainment Blog


Vinyl Pre-Order (Oct. 16 ship date-aprox) Audio Mastered for Vinyl! Now on the website store page! 

Pre-Order The new album Naked and Falling. Ship date is Oct 16, 2017--Approximate. 
This album has been mastered specifically for vinyl, by Trakworks Mastering.

Master Lacquers by will be provided by Telegraph Audio Mastering.

Pressing will happen near my hometown of Portland, Oregon by Cascade Record Pressing.  

Yes, it's all made in the USA!

Limited edition of 500 vinyl albums. 

Order yours now!


The Santa Cruz based crowdsource record of the month club featured Wild and Free from Americana Ash as the Daily Dose for its online

site crowdsource site.  It's a great or record collectors to press their favorite albums to vinyl.  Join and upvote White Owl Red's songs if you love the music and 

Love Vinyl Records!

Check out this great review of Naked and Falling by The Alternate Root​​​​​​​


“Take a pinch of the Dead, add a little Airplane, with a dash of Byrd seed and a healthy dose of Quick Silver and Burritos, roll it up and partake of San Francisco’s White Owl Red, a refreshing psychedelic dream like fog ... California Country drifts like mist rolling in from the bay on Naked and Falling, the latest release from the San Francisco-based band...Country Rock takes a dose of psychedelia...lazily flowing rhythms and west coast Folk music.”  

- J. Alan Taylor, The Alternate Root

Check out this great review of Naked and Falling by Twangrila


"It is absolutely gorgeous. This music doesn’t just entertain, it transports. Listening causes the user to daydream... spacey and atmospheric… country and psychedelia… a little bit Chris Isaac and a little bit of The Byrds. The writing, singing, backing vocals, and instrumentation is perfection.” 

- Harry Kaplan, Twangri-La

The new album is Done! 

Listen to the new White Owl Red studio album 'Naked and Falling'

Available now for purchase and streaming




10 new Americana songs written by singer songwriter JJ McManus

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