The new album is Done!

Listen to the new White Owl Red studio album 'Naked and Falling'

Available now for purchase and streaming




10 new Americana songs written by singer songwriter JJ McManus


Follow up Album -- Update.

I'm back in the studio working on my second album.  The working title is "Into My Bones".   

Help Crowdsource 'Americana Ash' on to Vinyl!

"Grey Eyes" has been released as a single exclusively on the crowdsourced vinyl record site  
Thanks to everyone who has voted it to  #3 on the feedbands charts. Please help vote it to # 1.
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Radio Stations Beware!

Well... just sent out 119 press packets with CDs of "Americana Ash" to some select radio stations this week. Hitting 88 stations that report to Americana Music Association, and 31 top rated college radio stations. Its a crazy industry…