From the recording Working Class Heroes

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Working Class Heroes is the first single from the upcoming 4th White Owl Red studio album 'Afterglow', set to release spring 2020.


Well the facists had us running
back in 1903
but there's power in a union
and in wanting to be free

So come on all you good people
together united we stand

hey hey
I ain't trying to start a class war
just want food for my family
I'm just trying to make things a little better
I ain't trying to cause anarchy

I got no inhibitions
to say the truth as it must be said
The FBI and Joe McCarthy
are saying that I must be red

Just because I'm fighting for my dreams
They're thinking I'm better off dead


Well the devil is who I'm fighting
as he points at me with his diamond-studded ring
blowing smoke up to confuse us
Trying to burn down our land of the free

So come on all you working class heroes
Lets stand up for truth, love and dignity

released October 7, 2019
copyright all rights reserved, JJ McManus