New Country Single - I Walk The Line For You - Out Now! 

In this provocative new White Owl Red release, Singer/Song-writer Josef McManus, makes reference to the legendary relationship of Johnny Cash and June Carter as a prompt to reflect upon the challenges that arise as he grapples with life choices, personal demons, and the efforts needed to make true love last.  This new single is the second pre-release from the anticipated upcoming White Owl Red album Afterglow scheduled for release this month- February 26, 2020.     

"The Johnny Cash Wild West rock aesthetic is full force in this track… a must-listen for any fan, ‘I Walk The Line For You’ deserves a listen from anyone with an interest in the gene" -Review Fix Magazine  

“Leading with a seductive country groove, organic & melodically satisfying, with poetic, thoughtful observations on life...White Owl Red’s new single is one that kicks off 2020 in a refreshing and emotive fashion… a quickly familiar, comforting hit” -Stereo Stickman Magazine 

"A poignant nod to the one and only Johnny Cash…worth it to anyone who loves cutting alternative country music… from start to finish in “I Walk the Line For You,” emotionality is transcending the implied physics of the arrangement altogether…this song is a must add” -Indie source Magazine  

“Josef McManus is at the top of his game…’I Walk the Line For You’ is an epic way of entering a new era in western music.” -Music Existence Magazine  

“‘I Walk the Line For You,’ which highlights his raw, pulsating musical sensibility… powerfully combines McManus’ unique musical aesthetic with his deeply felt appreciation for the true romantic love that Cash and Carter had for each other, which will surely leave a lasting impact on his listeners.”    -Shock-Ya! Magazine 

"Twangy country flavors...White Owl Red delivers delectable old-school country aromas, all capped by McManus’ amazingly satisfying voice...reminiscent of both Cash and Bruce Springsteen" -Tattoo Magazine 

All that you need to make your day perfect...beautiful and fun...unique and distinctive...will never be heard anywhere else. -Yellow & Black