From the recording Naked and Falling

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Hurts Like Hell

G C Am
I want to lean in to the places that I thought that I knew
G Dm C
Tired of tripping over the laces of my damn old walking shoes
G C Am
Counting the ways that I show up and all the ways I don’t
G Dm C
I’ve been flipping this coin to see what I already know

F Am G C
There ain’t nothing in this whole world like holding on and being held
And letting go woah woah still sometimes it hurts like hell
Trans: G C

G C Am
I thought I’d never open my heart this wide again
G Dm C
Now here you are just like we were the same old best of friends
You undress me with ease just like you always seem to do
But a moment like this is worth a thousand less true

G C Am
I would not trade the bad times because I know they roll in with the good
G Dm C
We smoke it up just like our lives were diamonds made of wood
I catch your eyes and hold them for a moment in mine
Something flickers for an instant in and out of time


C​​ Am Em
If you share with me the stars you’ve been saving
I’ll be the blue-eyed mirror for all the love you’ve been craving

copyright all rights reserved JJ McManus 11.18.16