From the recording Naked and Falling

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Cracks Just Getting Bigger Copyright all rights reserved J.J. McManus 11-9-14

Intro: Am G /:

Em G
Well there’s something else on your mind

F Am

I can feel it like it was on mine

And it feels like there’s ghosts talking in whispers in this old room

F Dm Am
and the cracks just get bigger on the walls


Old lovers taught us how to be frail
and that love really just meant jail
F Am G

Long before we ever met each other we learned how to run

now your favorite dress is all ripped apart
from all the times you followed your heart
I know I should have changed the bedsheets had a feeling you’d come


our clothes are tossed around the floor
I play a record side you haven’t heard before
we talk about sex, music, art and social justice for the oppressed

You know you know that nothing never lasts

I touch you without holding nothing back
Its so much easier to be free when you’re falling all apart


F C G Dm
I had a dream that a bear came to the bed while we were sleeping

F Dm
woke up up and told you about it in the middle of the night

you said bears powerful medicine