From the recording Naked and Falling

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Another Form Of You copyright JJ McManus 8-8-16

Am C G Am
We flew in circles looking for a flame
Both our hearts a burning like a one and the same
You came to me as a woman my eyes met you as a man
Overwhelmed with love and passion we fell into a trance
No I can’t tell you which way is up and which way from where I have came
Worlds collide within us babe we’re a one and the same

F G Am
I’m just another form of you
Yea, I’m just the love you always knew
I’m just another form of you

Am C G Am
Intention and attraction, stronger than gravity, quicker than light
Nothing could come between us as we danced through the night
Paradise isn’t waiting honey it's here and now
But wait I woke up I’m alone, for a moment… well anyhow


I asked your name without speaking a word
You unlocked the vault of my soul and spoke all I heard
Here and now is all that we get
And time is like an old guitar with worn down frets