From the recording Existential Frontiers

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Union Fight Song

Bm G A Bm
Don’t gotta worry about dishes if you aint got none to do
But somewhere someone's scraping the food and cleaning up after you
Don’t gotta worry about the taxes if ya aint got none to pay
You corporation got special exemptions while our jobs just up and went away
The Fed and the banks, the judges and the politicians are colluding on your side

But the farmers and the workers and the soldiers and the housewives were gonna rise like a tide

G D A Bm
Hey mr governor what the hell did you think
That the working people of this great country were all just lazy ignorant and pink

We're gonna show you what a red white and blue union can do

You’ve gone to far, were taking our country back tomorrow you’ll be singing a different tune

yeah were gonna shrug our big working shoulders and be done with you

D Bm D

Bm G A Bm
You thought you could save a bundle, dumping that poison in our town
Polluting the air that we breath and stealing the water from the ground
you think you’re immune because you live far away, up on a hill
, but
the 20 foot gate that surrounds your estate was made John Henry and good old Joe Hill

Outro: G D A Bm

© all rights reserved J.J. McManus 4-13-11